• Question: why pshycology?

    Asked by shakespare to Wendy, Sophie, Nadine, Freya, Daniel on 10 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Daniel Mills

      Daniel Mills answered on 10 Jan 2018:

      One of the interesting challenges with Psychology, is that not only do you have to carefully design your studies, but making the link to the internal states of the mind, is also a philosophical challenge that encourages careful thinking, So its a great challenge and very rewarding as a career.

    • Photo: Freya Wilson

      Freya Wilson answered on 10 Jan 2018:

      I’ve never formally studied psychology, but I think it is really fascinating. Especially when you link it with neuroscience and studying how the nervous system reacts with various stimuli.

      I have a friend who is researching Alzheimer’s disease and how that physically changes the brain. Hopefully it will give some insight to possible solutions.

      It is certainly a very rewarding field of study.