• Question: whats your favourite country?

    Asked by alinaCutie3 on 11 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Alyssa Alcorn

      Alyssa Alcorn answered on 11 Jan 2018:

      Scotland, hands down, Scotland forever!

    • Photo: Wendy M. Grossman

      Wendy M. Grossman answered on 11 Jan 2018:

      Anyone who answers this: make sure you didn’t use the same answer as a security question for an online bank account!


    • Photo: Freya Wilson

      Freya Wilson answered on 12 Jan 2018:

      I lived in Canada for a year and I loved it. I visited a northern province whilst I was there, called the Yukon, and it was absolutely stunning. I’ve never been more in awe in all my life!

      I would probably have to say it was my favourite country.