• Question: if you had infinite knowledge and infinite money what would you put it towards

    Asked by tylerashton2 to Catriona, Damien, Hannah, James, Jason, Nayeli, Sarah, Sophie, Zaf on 24 Jan 2018. This question was also asked by gennyd545.
    • Photo: Hannah Little

      Hannah Little answered on 24 Jan 2018:

      Infinite Knowledge! Wow! If I had all the knowledge and money in the world I guess it would make sense to cure all disease, solve the climate, energy and population crises, and maybe invent time travel and space travel and a completely human-like android… I’d also like to work out how language evolved!

    • Photo: Damien Hall

      Damien Hall answered on 24 Jan 2018:

      I’m getting boring here… I can’t disagree with anything Hannah said, except the bit about working out how language evolved. That’s a really interesting question to investigate, but I always want there to be something for me to find out by my studies. If I knew everything about language, so I didn’t have to do any more science about it, I think I’d actually be very bored.

      The other side of what Hannah and I both do is science communication, though. So, even if I did personally know everything about language, I think I’d still enjoy telling other people who didn’t have infinite knowledge about it.

    • Photo: Catriona Silvey

      Catriona Silvey answered on 24 Jan 2018:

      Finding intelligent alien life! Although I guess if I had infinite knowledge, I’d already know everything about them, so I wouldn’t need to use the infinite money to find them? Maybe fixing all problems on Earth (as Hannah suggested) would be a better use of both. I do wonder if having infinite knowledge would be enough, though – a lot of the conflicts we have as humans come not from lack of knowledge but from having different priorities/different values, so I’m not sure whether even infinite knowledge could solve all our problems!

    • Photo: Jason Nurse

      Jason Nurse answered on 25 Jan 2018:

      Finding cures to all of the diseases and illnesses that plague society today. Also, maybe thinking about how to ensure we all have a future – one way or another! 🙂

    • Photo: Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez

      Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez answered on 25 Jan 2018:

      I agree with everything said here… But one of the things I enjoy the most about my job is sharing the knowledge I have with others and hopefully inspiring other people to learn more… So I would definitely share, both my knowledge and my money, with as many people as I can.

    • Photo: Sarah Knight

      Sarah Knight answered on 25 Jan 2018:

      I completely agree with all the answers here, and particularly the bits about sharing! I also agree that it might be a bit boring not to have anything I didn’t know, because then I couldn’t do any science to try to figure it out! As well as the evolution of language, I’d like to know about the evolution of music. How did it start? Why do we have it? Is it just for fun, or does it serve other useful purposes? Id’ love to know!