• Question: Does Siri interest you?

    Asked by meowoinkoinkmoo212 to Cat, James, Martin, Mike, Nadine, Nayeli, Ricci, Sophie on 1 Feb 2018.
    • Photo: Nadine Lavan

      Nadine Lavan answered on 1 Feb 2018:

      Yes! I usually work with human listeners and we don’t know everything yet about how human hear and understand things. Siri clearly isn’t human but can listen and respond to us. On the one hand, I intrigued by how we can make Siri better: how would interacting with Siri seem more natural and like a normal conversation with a human? What other things can we teach Siri? On the other hand, I wonder if we can learn anything from Siri about what we humans do. Lots and lots to discover and think about and I find it all really fascinating.