• Question: Can cuttlefish communicate by changing colour?

    Asked by 15learl on 9 Jan 2018.
    • Photo: Sophie Scott

      Sophie Scott answered on 9 Jan 2018:

      yes – cuttlefish have a very sophisticated communication system, in which they change their skin colour, pattern and even texture! there’s a great video here: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg19826531-000-the-secret-language-of-cuttlefish/

    • Photo: Daniel Mills

      Daniel Mills answered on 10 Jan 2018:

      absolutely and the link posted by Sophie has some wonderful video footage too

    • Photo: Freya Wilson

      Freya Wilson answered on 10 Jan 2018:

      Sophie’s video is cool. I didn’t know much about cuttlefish. I do know that some scientists are trying to copy what cuttlefish and octopodes do so that they can create a sort of invisibility cloak. A man-made material that is like the cuttlefish skin that can adapt to match it’s surroundings so that it becomes very difficult to see.